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No matter the situation that you find yourself in, Malibu Towing is the one place that holds the key to all of your vehicle needs. Call for Towing Malibu now at (424) 625-7201‬ to speak with a lovely call agent about your situation and provide for you a tow truck for your car.

Local Malibu Towing Services

Take a look below to see what types of services we can provide for you:

  • Tow trucks – we offer a large variety of tow trucks, roaming around Malibu, for your car towing convenience. These tow truck include flatbeds, wheel lift, heavy duty, medium duty, lowboys and even boom trucks. Malibu Towing offers all of these tow trucks in Malibu because we understand that there’s a growing need for a larger fleet of tow trucks to cater to any vehicle you may be driving. Call now to see which of our trucks fits your needs.
  • Winch out – winch out services are road services that you may need when your car, van or truck, is stuck and you’re having trouble moving it from its predicament. These places include sand, mud, gravel, dirt, and usually on top of the curb. These events often happen through a series of accidents but we’re here to rectify the situation and get your car back on the road, safely and securely. We take pride in our ability to perform the winch out towing service without damaging your vehicle nor scratching it.

  • Lockouts
    – if you’re locked your car, and you realize that your key is still inside of it, you’re going to need a lockout service. Lockouts occur because you don’t have a spare, and have no other way of entering the vehicle without smashing the window. Please don’t harm your windows because replacing your windows could cost you twice as much as having a technician unlock your car with their lockout tools. Call now to see where the local tow truck driver is in your area.
  • Tire changes – Malibu towing is the leading expert on tire changes for all vehicles. Some vehicles are more difficult to change a flat tire due to the fact that their spare are in different places. We take pride in our technicians to be able to assess all car tires so that we can change your flat tire out for your spare, quickly so that your car is back on the road fast!

  • Cars we tow
    – we offered towing services in Malibu for all types of cars. Some of the cars include vans, trucks, motorcycles, scooters and even vehicles that way more than 26,000 pounds, which are classified as heavy duty vehicles and they need/require a heavy duty tows should they fall prey to being broken down. If you’re driving a vehicle that is extremely heavy, complementing 26,000 pounds, give us a call and tell us you’re going to need a heavy-duty tow truck, so that we can direct you to that department in our company for better service.

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Give Malibu Towing a call today at (424) 625-7201 for more information regarding out Santa Monica Towing Services

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